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Beauty Concerns

Your beauty concerns The solutions we offer
Wrinkles Muscle relaxing injections, dermal fillers, chemical peels
Loss of facial contours/definition Injectable Fillers
Lack of lip definition and volume Lip augmentations (plumping) injections; semi-permanent makeup
Scars caused by case of acne, chickenpox, burns, traumatic Micro needling; Fillers; Excision; Subcision; Chemical peels; Laser resurfacing
Active acne Multi modality acne treatment including Clenziderm®; Peels; Nlite® Laser treatment; Prescription medicines
Facial thread veins Laser removal
Facial skin rejuvenation

Medical skin care: Obagi® Transformations; Microdermabrasion: Laser Photo rejuvenation

Skin coarseness, pigmentation (Melasma / cholasma), sun spots, fine wrinkles, scarring

Medical skin care: Obagi® Transformations; Microdermabrasion: Laser Photo rejuvenation

Under eye circles, crepey/wrinkled eyelid skin Elastiderm® , Professional C®
Rosacea Rosaclear® , laser treatment, prescription medication
Shaving bumps / pseudofolliculitis/ In-growing hair Laser removal
Unwanted facial or body hair Intense Pulse Light/NdYAG Laser permanent hair reduction
Hair loss Medical management; Hair Transplant
Sagging skin, cellulite Radiofrequency skin tightening
Stretch marks (post pregnancy / weight loss) Accent® Radiofrequency
Wrinkled pigmented décolletage skin Chemical peels, Elastiderm®
Sweaty palms or excessively sweaty armpits Botulinum toxin injections
Scars, lumps and bumps, moles, cyst, skin tag, warts Dermatological surgery: scar revision, surgical excision
Unsightly leg veins Doppler and Veinlite® guided injection microsclerotherapy
Desire to increase breast volume non surgically Macrolane®


All before and after photographs are of real clients and have been used with the permission of the patients/physician/company providing the pictures. These pictures are for illustrative purposes, individual results might vary.

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