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Semi-Permanent Makeup

This procedure involves implanting hypo-allergic pigment particles into the deeper layers of your skin. It is used to enhance your natural beauty by giving more shape and definition to your eyelashes, eyebrows and lips. While the exact duration varies with individuals, this makeup can last between 2 – 5 years. Imagine emerging from the pool or shower with your eyebrows, eyeliner and lip colour perfectly in place!

We work with Tracy Wadsworth at the Jasmine Rooms to offer you the very best in cosmetic and paramedical semi-permanent make up. Tracy  is the leading Nouveau Contour cosmetic technician in South Wales, and offers a full range of cosmetic procedures tailored to your precise requirements.

Using Nouveau Contour products and pigments combined with the excellent training gives you a guarantee of quality that is further enhanced by Tracy's precision and attention to detail that ensures all her work is optimised to meet your exacting needs. 

It is difficult to express in words the results that Tracy gets. Not only will permanent cosmetics enhance and balance your beauty, for most clients it changes the way they feel about themselves in the and the way people interact with them, both in the most positive of ways.

To find out more about how semi-permanent cosmetics can change your life, have a look at Tracy's website and then make an appointment with Tracy @ The Jasmine Rooms.

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