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At Reforme we believe, you need the time to decide what you require to keep looking good.

We have therefore designed two consultation plans which you can choose from.

Free Consultations:

These are designed to be short 5-10 minute chats with our Doctor; they will give you a brief idea of what solutions are available to you and what they involve.

Formal consultations:

These are longer discussions (typically around 30 – 45 minutes) with our Doctor. The consultation includes skin analysis, clinical examination and a detailed discussion of which treatments will work best for you. The £70 pounds you pay for the consultation is redeemable against subsequent treatments that arise from the consultation (within 6months of consultation).


Muscle relaxing injection
Botox from £220

+ £40 extra for male clients


Filler injections: from £250


Thread Vein treatments
Sclerotherapy with Syris/Veinlite treatment1st treatment: from £350
Lyra i Laser ablation of veins: from £350


Excisional Surgery
Skin tags excision from £200
Mole excision from £200


Skin treatments and Peels
Obagi Nuderm £500  
Gly Derm peels £99/peel  
Obagi Peel superficial £350  
Obagi Peel medium depth £450  
Dermaroller face £250 for first treatment £200 for subsequent treatments
Dermaroller body £250 per treatment  


Laser treatments
IPL photo rejuvenation £300 full face £150 ½ face


Face course of 4 every 2 – 3 weeks £900
Body course of 8 every 2 – 3 weeks £1200


Hair transplant
Consultation £60 Treatment costs discussed on consultation (starting from £1500)


Body Tite Liposuction
Consultation £60 Treatment costs discussed on consultation (starting from £2500)


Lyra specialist hair reduction (done by doctor)
Consultation and test patch £60


(All prices inclusive of Consultation fee; prices subject to change at the discretion of Reforme Medical)

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