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Accent Radiofrequency Skin Tightening

radio_frequency.jpg As you age your skin tends to lose its firmness and starts sagging, in women the skin is also prone to develop cellulite and stretch marks.

Over the last 5 years the Accent® Radiofrequency has revolutionised the management of these problems. It uses Radiofrequency waves to heat up the water molecules in your skin. This in turn breaks down the fatty deposits and cellulite and tightens the collagen making your skin taut, smooth and younger looking.

This is a non-surgical procedure and is not painful; it takes about 30 minutes for a session and can be easily fitted into your lunch hour. You will feel a pleasant warm feeling while you are having this treatment and will be able to return to work immediately following it.

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Please note that the treatment explanations are meant to be brief introductions; for more detailed explanations and safety profiles (risks and side-effects) please click on the links provided or book an appointment with Dr Murugkar.

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