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Medical Skin care

MEDICAL_SKIN_CARE.jpgObagi Nuderm®
This is a set of 6 prescription-strength skin care products, which can transform your skin leaving it clear, radiant and smooth.

Unlike over the counter beauty products you will notice a real softening of fine wrinkles and a reduction of age and sun spots. Your treatment is designed exclusively for your skin; it takes anywhere from 6 – 16 weeks (1 ½ - 4 months) to get the desired level of skin correction.

You will go through an initial phase during which your skin will be itchy, red and flaky. This can last for up to 6 weeks, and represents the shedding of the old skin as the Obagi® system kick starts your skin cells into a more youthful cellular cycle. This phase can be eased by the use of prescription strength Vitamin C serums and anti-inflammatory creams.

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