Harvesting Beauty: The Art of Fat Grafting

by | Feb 29, 2024 | Cosmetic Surgery

In the ever-evolving land­scape of cosmetic enhance­ment, fat grafting has emerged as a revolu­tionary tech­nique that harnesses the body’s own resources to enhance and reju­venate various areas.


During the fat grafting procedure, the surgeon uses liposuc­tion to remove some fat from one area of your body, usually some­where incon­spicuous like the inner thigh or stomach, and use it to enhance and contour another part.

It can help with reshaping facial features and adding volume to areas of your body such as your buttocks or breasts.

It’s a more natural altern­ative to fillers or implants, completely removing the possib­ility of rejec­tion from your body.


It takes around 6 months to see the final result of a fat transfer as the fat cells that are added have to graft them­selves onto an area with a blood supply, not all of the fat cells are able to do this meaning that you may not end up with the volume that you start off with.

It’s not like getting an implant where you know exactly what you’re getting, but a more natural option with more natural results.

About 50–70% of the fat injected will success­fully graft and will be there perman­ently, and the rest will be absorbed by the body.

Due to it being more natural, it is also more likely to be affected by things like aging or weight gain/loss.


Here at Reforme Medical this procedure costs from £3000 upwards, and the price differs depending on the area you’re having treated.

With facial contouring using fat transfer, we also use PRP (platelet rich plasma) to give it a better chance of vascularisation.

And of course, combining fat transfer with liposuc­tion, although more expensive, is ideal for getting the body of your dreams all in one sitting!


Although the procedure itself isn’t painful, you may exper­i­ence some pain post-procedure, bruising and swelling for the first week is normal, but it should be relat­ively untroublesome.


If you are looking at going from an A cup to an E cup then this may not be the right treat­ment for you. That’s not to say that you won’t be able to achieve a dramatic differ­ence, increasing in size by around 50–60% to start, and with the option of having a second procedure that could increase your original size by 100–150%.

If you are looking for a more natural altern­ative that your body won’t reject then this is a great option.

There is always the risk of complic­a­tions and we recom­mend researching these before any surgery. We will also provide you with this inform­a­tion before you decide to go ahead with the procedure.

If the patient doesn’t have much fat to take from then the procedure is more diffi­cult or even impossible, there’s plenty of fat in the buttocks but most patients aren’t willing to lose volume in this area, but this could be the only option for some people. In this case we would recom­mend getting implants or filler.

It is forever! This procedure, unlike fillers that last for 1–3 years and can be dissolved, is permanent.

If you’d like more inform­a­tion about this procedure or are inter­ested in coming for a consulta­tion then contact us at:

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