how to get rid of your MOOBS – Gynaecomastia

by | Jan 23, 2024 | Cosmetic Surgery


Hi, this is Dr Prashant. I’m a plastic and cosmetic surgeon based in Cardiff, UK. Gynecomastia or male breast enlarge­ment is an extremely common condi­tion about 20 to 30 percent of young men are afflicted by this problem. It happens because of the hormonal imbal­ance during the pubertal period, or because of taking anabolic ster­oids for body­building. Also known as male boobs, or moobs, gynae­co­mastia can be quite disabling in terms of the cosmetic appear­ance and also the psycho­lo­gical implic­a­tions of having enlarged breasts for young men. The video shows a 32 year old male with grade 2 to grade 3 gyneco­mastia with excess of both fat and gland on his chest he also has a bit of puffy nipples and deep grooves under the breasts. We mark out the excess preop­er­at­ively to demarcate the extent of the gland and the extent of the liposuc­tion to remove the excess fat build up on his chest. We also do liposuc­tion of the side of the chest and try to define the defin­i­tion of his pector­alis muscle by aggressive liposuc­tion along the muscle edges.  All the liposuc­tion happens through small hidden incisions which are about four milli­metres which are placed in the armpit and at the areola border. Cosmetically these incisions are very hard to notice after the healing has taken place. We do this surgery under the local anaes­thesia with mild anxiolytic medi­cine, the patient doesn’t feel any pain as we inject a lot of numbing solu­tion into the area from where the liposuc­tion and gland removal is done.

Once the numbing has acted, we do the liposuc­tion using stealth incision. After completing the liposuc­tion, a small cut is made at the junc­tion of the areola and a normal skin of the chest and we dissect out the gland which most instances looks white with a little bit of fat inter­spersed amongst whitish glandular tissue. We then check the contour of the chest made sure that

both sides are symmet­rical that there is no for the gland tissue left behind and that the contours are good.

At the end we dissolve the cuts with absorb­able sutures and place a dressing and pres­sure garment which the patient will have to wear for a period of a month.

Gynecomastia surgery can completely trans­form a young man’s life; the chest can become flatter or the muscles better defined. No longer does the patient have to be embar­rassed about his appear­ance on the beach or in the pool, or in the shower.

Gynaecomastia or male breast reduc­tion surgery is grat­i­fying both for the patient and the surgeon as it can trans­form the patient’s life making them confident and comfort­able about their appearance.