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Microsclerotherapy for Leg Thread Veins and Spider Veins

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Thread veins or spider veins can appear on almost any part of your body but is most commonly found in the legs. These surface veins appear when clusters of red veins begin to develop just beneath your skin. Although harm­less, they are a lot of distress espe­cially if they are anywhere on the exposed part of your body such as the legs and/or face. Compression micro­sclero­therapy consists of injec­tion these unsightly red thread veins or blue thread veins with a soapy substance (Sclerosant). This molecule destroys the lining of the thread vein allowing the skin tissue cells to remove the offending vein. The  word compres­sion in the title signi­fies the need to wear Graduate Pressure Stockings imme­di­ately after treat­ment, to ensure quality of results.

Compression Microsclerotherapy is the best Gold Standard treat­ment of leg thread veins.

Although spider veins affect both men as well as women and people of ages, they tend to affect women more than men.

Approximately 80% of patients are pleased with the results of treatment.


Frequently Asked Questions

What Happens During Thread Vein Removal Treatment?

We advise our patients to come in with flat bottom soles, comfort­able clothes that allow exposure of the leg thread veins. After photos and consent are taken, we clean the legs with anti­septic solu­tion and then proceed to inject the sclerosant solu­tion (0.5% – 1% Aethoxysklerol into the tiny veins using Veinlite guid­ance and extremely fine needle. After the treat­ment the treated area is dressed and gradu­ated compres­sion stocking is placed and the patient leaves the clinic.

What causes leg thread veins and spider veins?

There are many factors like, family history, genetics, local injury, aging, hormonal issues, sun damage, occu­pa­tions involving prolonged standing.

Is sclerotherapy and microsclerotherapy the same?

Sclerotherapy is the umbrella term used to describe the use of an irritant molecule (hyper­tonic saline, STD, Polidocanol, Aethoxysklerol) to destroy a vascular struc­ture; this procedure is usually used for Varicose Veins, whereas Microsclerotherapy is only used for leg thread veins, blue thread veins or spider veins.

How long does it take for Microsclerotherapy to show results?

It takes about 3 months for the final results to be stable, most patients see result as early as 1 month.

Does Microsclerotherapy work?

Compression Microsclerotherapy is the gold standard treat­ment and offers the best results compared to altern­at­ives like laser vein removal or Veinwave treatments.

Are spider veins a sign of poor circulation?

In most instances they are cosmetic concerns, that can have deep psycho­lo­gical concerns for patient. Rarely they are asso­ci­ated with leaky valves and varicose veins which is a medical problem.

How many sclerotherapy treatments will I need?

Most patient need between 2 – 4 treat­ments spaced out over months to achieve best results.

Is microsclerotherapy painful or dangerous?

No, it is one of the safest and pain­less ways of getting rid of thread and spider veins.

Approximate Costs

An accurate estimate of the costs is only possible after an in-clinic consulta­tion with Dr Prashant. We charge a £50 deposit to secure your consulta­tion with Dr Prashant, this amount will be deducted from the costs of the treat­ment you go on to have at our clinic.

The consulta­tion of a Compression Microsclerotherapy treat­ment costs £50, this is redeemed against treat­ment cost. We specialise in using the VeinLite to identify your problem, this is included in your consulta­tion. The cost of each Compression Microsclerotherapy treat­ment is £300, most patient need between 2 – 4 treat­ments spaced out over months to achieve best results.