5 Things To Know About Botox

by | Oct 12, 2021 | Non Surgical Cosmetic Treatments

Widely popular, Botox treat­ment has been in use for various areas across the body with applic­a­tions ranging from medi­cine to cosmetics. Tested in 1978, Botox is more than just combating the signs of ageing.

Here’s five things you should know about Botox -

What is Botox?

Botox is a brand name of an inject­able neur­omod­u­lator called Botulinum Toxin Type A. It is used medic­ally to treat muscular condi­tions by select­ively redu­cing the trans­mis­sion of the elec­trical current between the nerve and the muscle which are respons­ible for the appear­ance of frown lines, worry lines, cross feet, and other dynamic wrinkles. The popular brands in UK that prepare Botox are Allergan, Azzalure and Bocoture.

Is Botox used for other areas besides the forehead?

Yes. Botulinum Toxin Type A or Botox is very commonly used to reduce the bulk of the master muscle, which is respons­ible for making the face look square and muscular. It is also used for treating hyper­hidrosis (severe underarm sweating), stra­bismus (crossed eyes), bleph­aros­pasm (eyelid spasms), cervical dystonia (that affects the head and causes neck pain), preventing migraine and redu­cing symp­toms of an over­active bladder due to neur­o­lo­gical condition.

What is a Botox Lip Flip?

A lip flip is a popular cosmetic procedure that involves the usage of extremely small doses of Botox (Botulinum Toxin Type A) into the middle of your upper lip (Cupid’s bow), and into the corners of your mouth. The injec­tion not only relaxes the muscles around your lip but also gives your lip a youthful and fuller appear­ance. It takes about five days to two weeks to make the results appear and then can last up to three months.

What are the pros and cons of Botox?

Quick to deliver, FDA approved and relat­ively pain­less Botox treat­ments has little to no down­time as long as it’s being done by an exper­i­enced injector. There is nothing much to worry about as far as the expected action of the treat­ment is concerned.

The main cons are that the results of the treat­ment are not permanent and on an average need to be renewed every three to four months. Though it is not very common but patients with thin skin can some­times get bruises after the injec­tions. Also, if the injector is not familiar with the facial anatomy, you can get asym­met­rical results, which can take about three to four months to wear off.

How much does the Procedure cost?

The cost of the procedure varies depending on how many areas are being treated during the treat­ment. Generally, patients are advised to have three areas which will cover the frown lines, worry lines, and cross feet. The cost of which will range from 180 to £250 however, for men, there is a 40-pound surcharge on above figures. The reason being, the muscles are stronger in men and need much more dose as compared to the women.

What is baby Botox?

Baby Botox or micro-Botox is a latest trend in inject­able Botox proced­ures which adds volume to your face and smoothens out fine lines and wrinkles, just like tradi­tional Botox. However, baby Botox uses a smaller amount of the tradi­tional Botox injectable.

There are many medi­cinal as well as cosmetic treat­ments where Botox are used effect­ively. Cosmetic surgeons at our clinic can help patients decide where and when can they use Botox injections.