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Aging of our face relates to loss of skin elasti­city and recoil (skin bounce), loss of fat volume on the face and bony changes of aging.

While we have been doing the same expres­sions of anger and worry since we were chil­dren, this loss of skin elasti­city starts to leave behind wrinkles along the expres­sion lines.

When you come in for your wrinkle consulta­tion Dr Prashant can discuss the use of some prescrip­tion only medi­cines that are a form of recon­sti­t­uted Botulinum Toxin Type A.

Tiny doses of this molecule are injected into the muscles on the fore­head that cause the worry lines, frown lines or crows feet (around the eyes), the muscles are tempor­arily weakened leaving you with the appear­ance of smoother wrinkle free skin.

This smoothening effect can last for 4 – 6 months in most patients, helping you to main­tain a fresh, youthful vibrant look.

Other applic­a­tions of these injec­tions include Jaw Slimming, Smile Balancing, Non-Surgical or Liquid Facelift, and redu­cing Platysmal or neck bands.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the best clinic for Wrinkle treatment in Cardiff?

Dr Prashant’s more 20 years Plastic Surgical exper­i­ence gives him a detailed insight into the anatomy and func­tioning of the muscles that cause wrinkles. At Reforme Medical we deliver the best wrinkle treat­ments that are extremely safe.

Do I need a Wrinkle Treatment?

If you look worried all the time (worry lines), or your friends notice that you appear angry (frown lines) all the time, or you are unhappy with the lines around your eyes that appear every time you smile or laugh (crow’s feet), then a care­fully admin­istered dose of toxin will relax and smooth these.

How long do the effects of Antiwrinkle treatment last?

The dura­tion of effect depends on the dose admin­istered and also the strength of the muscle to be treated, while most patients will need a booster at 3–4 months, some­times the effects can be made to last for up to 6 months.

What are the side effects of muscle relaxing injection, Botox?

When done by an expert doctor, who has a good know­ledge of facial anatomy, there are very few side effects. You can get small bruises if you have very thin skin. Rarely a wrong dose or a vari­ation in anatomy can cause temporary drooping of the eyebrows or eyelids or asym­met­ries. These will reverse with time and can be treated by special medications.

Where can the wrinkle treatment be used?

The main applic­a­tions are in redu­cing Forehead lines (worry lines, frown lines, laugh lines, crow’s feet), it is also used in minim­izing the bulk of the chewing muscle (Mastication) to give you a slimmer jaw.

What are the 3 areas of wrinkle treatment?

Most patients wanting wrinkle treat­ment are concerned about 3 areas on their fore­head, their frown lines (lines between your brow above your nose that make you look angry), their worry lines (hori­zontal creases on the fore­head) and their crows feet lines (wrinkles that appear on the side of the eyes when smiling) these are the 3 areas of Botox.

Who should not get Botox?

There are certain relative contrain­dic­a­tions for the use of Botulinum Toxin Type A these relate to aller­gies to albumin or illnesses like Eaton Lambert Syndrome, Myasthenia Gravis, Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, Multiple Sclerosis. You need to discuss this with your doctor to ensure that you are eligible to have the treatment.

What is the right age to have wrinkle treatment, Botox?

You have to be 18 or above to start having any aesthetic treat­ments. Most patients gener­ally start around the age of 28 years of age as a prevent­ative for lines getting worse over time.

Real Results

Anti-Wrinkle Treatment 10 (before)Anti-Wrinkle Treatment 10 (after)
Anti-Wrinkle Treatment 9 (after)Anti-Wrinkle Treatment 9 (after)
Anti-Wrinkle Treatment 7 (before)Anti-Wrinkle Treatment 7 (after)

Approximate Costs

An accurate estimate of the costs is only possible after an in-clinic consulta­tion with Dr Prashant. We charge a £50 deposit to secure your consulta­tion with Dr Prashant, this amount will be deducted from the costs of the treat­ment you go on to have at our clinic.

At Reforme Medical the charges for 1÷2÷3 Areas are £195/245/265 for Women and £230/280/300 for Men (as the dose require­ment is much more in men)