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Bingo Wings Arm Lift

BodyTite Arms, Bingo Wings, Bat Wing, CoolSculpt arms; Smart Lipo arms; Vaser arms; Arm tuck; Brachioplasty

A toned upper arm, that is in propor­tion to the forearm can set your clothes off perfectly; the arms, however are one of the areas in your body that are very resistant to exer­cise or dieting.

If you are stuck with bulging arms, you might find that the fat accu­mu­lated there is very hard to reduce.

There are several treat­ment options that can contour your arms.

Microcanalicular Liposuction

Arm liposuc­tion is gener­ally a short procedure performed under tumes­cent or local anaes­thesia and seda­tion. It involves tiny cuts in hidden areas around your armpit and elbow and is done using very slim tubes (3 – 4 mm).

Laser or VASER assisted Liposuction

Laser assisted liposuc­tion or Smart Lipo has fallen out of fashion as it is not as effective as other tech­niques. VASER assisted Liposuction is useful for redo cases but does not give extra tightening.

BodyTite Morpheus8 Arm Lift

This is the tech­no­logy we use at Reforme Medical, the BodyTite is a FDA approved tech­no­logy that can very safely heat up the fibro­septal network which is the tissue that tightens skin. This along with simul­tan­eous use liposuc­tion and Morpheus8 can give results that in some patients can replace the need for surgery.

Surgical Arm Lift or Brachioplasty

The arm tuck, Brachioplasty or lift is performed when there is excess skin with or without excess fat around the upper arm. Brachioplasty is gener­ally combined with liposuc­tion and can be done under local anaes­thesia or general anaesthesia.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the recovery time required after arm liposuction?

You can gener­ally expect to go back to work in 4–5 days, the only down­time with arm liposuc­tion is the swelling that ensues on the hands, fingers and forearm. In most patients, this settles down over the first few days, but in some cases, it can persist for a week or more.

Can I see arm liposuction before and after results?

While the results you can expect will be person­al­ised to your problem, you can see the before and after results in our gallery section.

What are liposuction disadvantages?

There are very few disad­vant­ages to liposuc­tion, making it one of the most popular Cosmetic Surgeries around the world. Done by an expert, it can give safe, predict­able and notice­able results.

Is there a non-surgical treatment instead of liposuction upper arms?

Non-surgical tech­niques such as Coolsculpting, SculpSure, Vanquish, Klybella can be offered as altern­ative treat­ments if you are not keen on having minim­ally invasive surgery. The draw­back of these tech­niques is that they need multiple sittings, and are not very predict­able as they all rely on the body to take away the fat after breaking the fat cell either with cold or hot temper­ature or with chem­icals. In Liposuction, the fat is instantly and perman­ently removed from the affected area, giving you results that are predict­able and long lasting (as long as a healthy life­style is followed and your weight remains largely stable.

What can I expect after an arm lift?

You will find that the arms, fore­arms, hands & fingers will swell up, espe­cially if you don’t follow the instruc­tions to elevate them. This swelling is gener­ally the worst after three days post op and there­after, it starts redu­cing. You will also find that it is hard to bend the elbows and that you are not allowed to raise your arm above 90 degrees.

How do the Brachioplasty scars look?

The scar of the arm lift varies between indi­viduals and gener­ally, extends through the length of the flab­bi­ness and extra skin. All scars will take about a year to mature and are designed to be hidden in the shadow of the arm when your arm is by your side.

Real Results

Bingo wings arm lift 1 (before)Bingo wings arm lift 1 (after)
Bingo wings arm lift 4 (before)Bingo wings arm lift 4 (after)
Bingo wings arm lift 3 (before)Bingo wings arm lift 3 (after)

Approximate Costs

An accurate estimate of the costs is only possible after an in-clinic consulta­tion with Dr Prashant. We charge a £50 deposit to secure your consulta­tion with Dr Prashant, this amount will be deducted from the costs of the treat­ment you go on to have at our clinic.

Costs of Arm Liposuction range between £3000 – 3500.

Costs of Arm BodyTite Liposuction range from £3500 – 4000.

Costs of Arm Lift (with skin removal ) ranges from £4000 – 5000.

Costs differ based on complexity of treatment.