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Male boobs, MOOBS, Male Breast Enlargement, Man Boobs, Puffy Nipples

A Male breast increase or enlarge­ment is also called moobs, or man boobs, patients also describe it as puffy nipples, but the tech­nical name for this extremely common condi­tion is gyneco­mastia. While in most men it is a medic­ally a harm­less problem, the appear­ance of the enlarged chest can have a massive impact on the psycho­lo­gical health of young men. Patients coming in for gyneco­mastia treat­ment often describe a crip­pling effect the chest enlarge­ment has on their social life, restricting the clothes they wear, avoiding the beach or swim­ming pools and being with­drawn and hesitant to expose them­selves even to close friends.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the causes of Gynaecomastia?

There is a long list of male breast enlarge­ment causes, but the commonest cause is a hormonal imbal­ance between the male hormone and oestrogen levels around puberty or at an older age (after 50 years, when the male hormone levels start drop­ping). Besides a natural hormone imbal­ance during puberty, being over­weight (obesity), can also increase oestrogen levels causing male breast enlarge­ment. Bodybuilders taking anabolic ster­oids or heavy cannabis users can also get gynecomastia.

Are there any pills or non-surgical treatments of Gynaecomastia?

You might have tried taking medi­cine to reduce man breast or male breast reduc­tion pills like Gynexin or tried natural cures for gyneco­mastia to try to reduce your chest without surgery. Some clinics also advertise completely useless non-invasive male breast reduc­tion treat­ments like Cryolipolysis or ULipo. The truth is that none of the non-surgical gyneco­mastia remedies works reli­ably to reduce the male breast tissue, this is because the problem is often not just enlarge­ment of the breast gland but also increase in the amount of fat tissue on the chest.

What type of surgery will I need for my male boobs?

There is a wide range of present­a­tion of gyneco­mastia from just puffy nipples or small nodules behind the nipple to massive hanging women like breasts. We will examine and clas­sify your problem and draw out a treat­ment plan. A gyneco­mastia stage 1, might need just a small gland removal, but gynae­co­mastia stage 3 gener­ally needs both the gland removal and chest liposuc­tion. This is the reason that during surgery we do a combin­a­tion of male breast liposuc­tion and also glandular gyneco­mastia removal. A stage 6 gyneco­mastia might, however, need Laser Assisted liposuc­tion, gland removal and some­times more extensive surgery to reduce the skin excess..

Is gynaecomastia surgery painful?

The surgery is done under a special kind of local anes­thesia called tumes­cent anes­thesia which ensures that you will be comfort­able through the treat­ment. Some patients benefit from mild oral seda­tion in addi­tion to this.

How long does Gynaecomastia surgery take?

On average the treat­ment lasts an hour to hour and half.

Is there any aftercare?

You will be placed into a pres­sure garment imme­di­ately after your treat­ment and will be expected to wear the garment continu­ously for 3 days, before removing it and taking off the internal dress­ings and taking a shower. After the shower you have to continue to wear the garment 247 for the first 6 weeks to ensure a good contrac­tion of the skin envelop.

Real Results

Gynaecomastia 1 (before)Gynaecomastia 1 (after)
Gynaecomastia 11 (before)Gynaecomastia 11 (after)
Gynaecomastia 31 (before)Gynaecomastia 31 (after)

Approximate Costs

An accurate estimate of the costs is only possible after an in-clinic consulta­tion with Dr Prashant. We charge a £50 deposit to secure your consulta­tion with Dr Prashant, this amount will be deducted from the costs of the treat­ment you go on to have at our clinic.

The cost for gynae­co­mastia starts at £3000 to £4500 depending on procedure and complexity